Stepmom Has A New Crush – S6:E2

Tony has a new stepmom in Layna Landry. He thinks things are going well between his dad and his new wife, but it seems that Layna has other thoughts. She comes on to Tony in increasingly strong ways, making it clear to him that his dad just isn’t quite enough man for her. Her new crush, Tony, is sure to satisfy all her needs, though.Tony tries to put up some resistance, but the combined determination and allure that Layna is throwing at him is far too much for him to say no. When Layna gets his hands on her big ass, Tony’s objections melt away. It’s a good thing, too, because once she’s naked this busty stepmama is out to prove she sucks better than a Hoover. Deep throating Tony’s cock and then sucking his balls, Layna gets him wound up as tight as she is for a good fuck.Falling onto her back, Layna spreads her thighs for her stepson to slide on into her tight hairy twat. Tony is courteous enough to rub Layna’s clit as he pounds her, which just gets her moaning even louder. Flipping onto her hands and knees, Layna wiggles that tush for a nice spanking as Tony drives home in doggy. She doubles down on letting Tony enjoy her big ass as she rides him in reverse cowgirl. Finally satisfied with their fuck fest, Layna sucks Tony’s dick until he leaves her with a big mouthful of cum to enjoy.